Dental Services

Dental Services

We provide the following Dental Service

Crowns as well as Caps usually placed over the tooth after Root Canal Treatment, They are for dental restoration purpose, Hence they protect the broken or damaged the tooth.

Bridges is one of the solutions for missing tooth or full broken tooth, where bridges consist of crowns to provide support in placing the Artificial teeth.

The tooth implant is a similar solution for missing tooth or full broken tooth, It is tooth replacement procedure where the screws are placed as artificial roots to hold the replacement teeth. Here at VM dental Clinic we also offer All-on-4 implants(full mouth implants). We have the best dental implant specialist. We offer dental implants at affordable price.

As a matter of fact, Teeth Filling is a simple restorative procedure to repair the teeth with the composite resin material.

Fully damaged or infected teeth should be removed in order to prevent further spreading of Infection and pain, under these circumstances, tooth extraction is done. Identically wisdom tooth removal is performed.

It is the process of lightening the natural colour of your teeth. The stains on teeth are because of age, or due to their eating habit, smoking or even because of trauma, by all means, can be treated.

Veneers and Bonding are the processes of reshaping the teeth, ie to fix the tooth gap and to repair the decayed, fractured or discoloured tooth.

The root canal is to clean the infected pulp and root. Disinfect the canal from inside and filled to prevent the recurring of infection.

Gum Disease aka periodontal Disease is an infection of Gums/tissues supporting your teeth. It is important to realize, that to save the infected teeth you need Gum Therapy, ie; in particular Scaling and Root Planing.

Tooth Jewellery is a cosmetic dental procedure to enhance your smile with gold, white gold and crystal accessories.

Dental Braces are used in orthodontics, which helps to align your teeth, in the long run, increase your dental health. In addition, our clinic offers invisible braces as well.

Dental Hygiene is a must for Kids, Our Paediatric Dentist provides dental services such as baby tooth filling, restoring and preventing the baby tooth from tooth decay. Our doctor is kids friendly and they make sure your kid is feeling comfortable visiting dental clinic.

We have X.Ray device at our clinic when needed we take X-ray in the clinic itself.

We help you to get beautiful smile.

We also take care of any emergency dental need, such as trauma, severe tooth pain etc